Why Gus just makes sense at Fosbury & Sons

In this video, Shaun explains how Gus proves valuable every day at the office.

Located in an industrial zone in Brussels with few lunch options nearby, Fosbury and Sons Alfons faced the challenge of providing their members with tasty and affordable meal options. That's when they discovered Gus.

Since early 2021, Gus Foods has been providing Shaun and his fellow coworkers with a wide range of meal options to choose from. From hearty meals to heat, to fresh salads and sandwiches, the fridges are stocked with artisanal meals made by local suppliers who are passionate about their products. Plus, with options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even dinner, the fridges provide an around-the-clock solution to the problem of finding good food in a food desert.

But for Gus it's not just about the food - it's about the experience. The fridges have quickly become a social hub in the office, where coworkers can connect over a shared love of good food. And for Shaun, the convenience and variety that Gus  provides has been a game-changer for his busy workday.

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