Tasty, healthy and local

Our food ethos

We believe that food should be more than just tasty. We are meticulous in selecting products that are nutritious, attractive and originate from suppliers we feel close to. We have translated our vision into specific product criteria and work hard every day to make sure that these criteria are not just words on paper. 


The majority of our offer is healthy. We love to work with a lot of veggies and colours and do not tolerate any artificial ingredients. We are not radical though and also propose some sweet treats to brighten up your day.


We are very picky about taste and love to propose products that surprise by their fresh flavours. 


We like to get to know our suppliers personally and only collaborate with those that share our values. We favour small family businesses over big corporations, quality over value and 100% product transparency.


We always prioritize Belgian suppliers and we love to connect with them and share their stories. If we do not find what we look for in Belgium, we always  look for the closest alternative.

Our assortment and menu

What can you concretely expect

  • Products to satisfy every hunger of the day
    breakfast, snacks, lunch, drinks,...
  • A diverse assortment to meet different tastes and needs
    From very light to more nourishing, from traditional recipes to more original ones
  • A menu that changes frequently
    Every two weeks we will change our menu to include new products

Our Products

Fresh Sandwiches

A large assortment of fresh daily made sandwiches : wraps, tartines, ciabatta, milk breads, etc.


A nice selection of fruits, yogurts from the farm, breakfast bowls and small sandwiches.

Salads, hot meals and soups

A variety of fresh meals for all tastes.


Cold pressed juices and shots to boost your immunity and a range of refreshing drinks of inspiring brands.


Cold pressed juices and shots to boost your immunity and a range of refreshing drinks of inspiring brands.


Delicious homemade desserts of all types: yogurts, fruits, pastries,...


Sweet and salty snacks for little between-meal cravings.

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A few faces from our suppliers


Cold pressed juices

From her atelier in Bruges, Judy is creating a unique range of cold-pressed juices based on 100% fresh fruits and vegetables. Her juices are not pasteurized and are pressed with a slow-juicer which means they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and flavours.  

Bon with love

Fresh meals and desserts

Every day, Bon is producing fresh and nutritious meals and desserts in its atelier in Brussels with a strong drive to source the best ingredients and to transform them with passion into great quality and flavourful products.

Meals, desserts
La Ferme du Tambourin

Yogurts and creamy desserts

Since 2012, Bernard and Delphine Bartholomé produce dairy products with the milk from their farm. Bernard and Delphine work with Jersiaires, a special breed of cows providing milk of excellent nutritional and gustatory quality which you can truly taste in their products.

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