Ultimate flexibility at award winning agency BBDO

HR Manager Hanne explains how she has experienced collaborating with Gus at BBDO.

Before Gus, BBDO struggled a bit to provide their employees with healthy and varied lunch options. With limited food options nearby and their internal bistro becoming unsustainable due to COVID-19, they needed a solution that would offer flexibility, variety, and preferably some healthy alternatives. That's when they found Gus.

In this video, Hanne, HR manager at BBDO, shares her experience implementing Gus and the benefits this has brought to the workplace. From the ease of implementation to the convenience and variety of options available in the fridge, Hanne explains why Gus Foods has become a staple at BBDO.

So, if you're tired of the same old boring lunch, why not take a page out of BBDO's book and try out Gus Foods for yourself?

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