Zoetis and Gus Foods: together towards a healthier future

We asked Tiffany, Facility Coordinator at Zoetis, how she has experienced working with Gus.

Tell us a bit about yourself and the company you work for!

My name is Tiffany and I have been working as Facilities Coordinator for Zoetis for 7 years now. Zoetis in an Animal Health Company; we have office space for 280 people. There is a large cafetaria, which used to have an inhouse catering service, but due to covid and hybrid working, we chose not to reopen the kitchen.

The assortment is diverse, products are very tasty and fresh and service is exquisite.

How does Gus fit inside/ match with your company culture?

Gus is located in the cafeteria and is accessible to all employees, visitors and contractors. It has been a very good fit since the start. Zoetis is committed to being a healthy and sustainable company. We feel Gus Foods shares these values which enables a close collaboration for a healthier future and a sustainable world.

Why Gus?

One of the big highlights of Gus is that they are not a classic caterer, but they do offer quality products. They reflect a 1-on-1 focus and are really prepared to listen to us and think with us; this is a BIG added value. Their flexibility is tremendous: they cooperate and are open to meet the customers’ requests and wishes. For Zoetis, not being just a number is the biggest plus in my opinion.

What impact does Gus have in your offices?

Firstly our colleagues needed to integrate Gus in their routine which we thought (coming from a full-blown kitchen) was going to be really hard. Actually Gus is available 24/7 so we're not linked to the limited opening hours of kitchen staff anymore, which colleagues love! It’s nice to visit Gus after a hard working day, and grab a meal to go before leaving the office.

Second, the actual installation, launch and onboarding process went very smoothly. We experienced it as very easy which was a pleasant surprise.

Happy with your choice for (G)us?

Absolutely! We compared different concepts and companies, but I’m convinced we made the right choice by picking Gus. The assortment is diverse, products are very tasty and fresh and service is exquisite. Apart from that, Gus just runs: the Facility team doesn't need to worry about following up daily. The price-quality comparison is definitely balanced out.

Of course there have been questions and remarks from our colleagues, but the fridge always remained operational no matter what. The customer support is fast: people feel that whenever they have a complaint or an issue, they’re getting feedback instantly. In general I believe our employees are very happy with the service and support.

What advice would you give to other companies regarding Gus?

If you’re hesitant to make the switch to a smart fridge, I would definitely tell you to give Gus a try. Keep an open mind and don’t linger in the past. You will see that Gus is a very smart, easy and healthy solution to provide catering at work. Furthermore, it is very convenient because you’re not bound to any time restrictions: Gus is available all day long and it provides so much more opportunities. So I would say to anyone, stop hesitating and just try it out!

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